A day in my SOHO workplace

Ever wonder what it feels like to work from home fulltime? Here’s a peek into my SOHO workday as I go about the job of running Brite.li. Also included are a few productivity tips for any kind of workplace.

7:15 am

Woke up at around 7:15, just in time to saygoodday to my 8-year-old as he leaves for school. After my morning wash and breakfast routine spent a few minutes meditating, Just deep breathing and thinking about what needs to be done for the day.

I believe in this thing called setting the pace for the day

9:00 am
I wanted to start the day with a bit of reading, so picked up Breaking India a nice but controversial book on how an image of a nation and civilization has always been influenced and attacked by different forces. Nice read stirs the reasoning part of the brain.
I’ve always found myself extra creative after reading
(not the web kind, something more serious and long form)
10:00 am
A family chat and chai to catch up with what I need to do for home today

Family and home needs some planning too
11:00am yeah, that’s when I being an intense couple of hours of work focused on brite.li and a finding a few new apps for the weekly charts. Reaching out to a handful of app developers and some more feature development.
Focus hours in a day are pristine, where there’s hardly any distraction, no calls, no chatter, just work and thoughts
1:00 pm a quick chai break. I’ve discovered a liking for lemon tea without milk, great for digestion and the hot water kind of brings out the lemon and tea aroma.
2:00 pm short lunch break and back to reading my book.
Try to sneak in something you enjoy in between the work day, end of the day you don’t feel drained
2:45 pm back at work, spending some time on social following and ad campaign metrics for Briteli
3:30 created a personal blog, its part journal, part experience sharing, part sheer joy of being able to blog.
When you are the only one at work, there’s a need to align every little thing you do towards your work goals, I mean a personal blog is also a way of telling people what you do!
5:30 a long chai break and exercises, walk, ..
Good health and mind are top priority for entrepreneurs if you want to avoid burn outs
7:00 pm back at building the social connections for my personal blog
8:00 pm I’m trying to sign off for the day and move my attention to family time, hope it happens.
8:15 pm just thought I’ll add a post to my personal blog, oh and I forgot to dump all my to-dos for tomorrow
It gets addictive just because you love your work, so make sure to unplug, at least try!

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