Book: Mojo – positive spirit towards what you do

A year ago I read half of Marshall Goldsmith’s Book – “Mojo”, and at that time I stopped reading to apply a few learnings. One year on, I can say it works. He does not preach any magic formula but discipline and awareness of what we are doing at any point of time will take us a long way. In his own words:

The simple knowledge that you’re going to evaluate any activity will alter your experience of that activity. It makes you mindful and awake. – Marshall Goldsmith

I started capturing a score for everything I do to measure if I felt happy about what I’m doing in the current hour, and whether it served a purpose in life or my profession. Though the author recommended taking notes for a few weeks, I found the insights so useful I continued for a whole year. This scorecard makes it so easy for a retrospective look at what we do in our everyday life and help decide on what can really be dropped. Now don’t be tempted to fill your entire life with just your profession and ambition, make sure you spend some time for yourself and your family for lasting happiness and have that measured too.

The interesting concept of identity being more than a single entity is brought out by the author saying that who we are is influenced by different factors which can be seen as separate identities that we have and there are ways to manage and influence them. The programmed, created, reflected and remembered identities. I didn’t spend much time in practicing any tips from there but definitely sounds very reasonable.

Today I picked up the book to finish the rest of it and it’s a worthwhile read. Very few management and productivity books go beyond the superficial chest thumping and mind programming, this is a great author with very readable writing and lasting takeaways.

Check it out on Amazon and Flipkart

No, I’m not making money from commissions I just thought the links would be useful 🙂


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