Invest in yourself, when you are the only employee

It may sound great to be employee number #1 and the only one with nobody to tell you anything, on the flip side there’s nobody to tell you what to change, nobody tells you whats wrong with you, or nobody around to tell you how to meet your ambitious dreams without draining yourself.

Investing time in learning and training yourself is the only cushion you have to keep up pace with the fast moving world. It may apply to any profession, but to a solopreneur its a must and no excuses.

I spend half of friday every week getting trained. You heard that right, its a working day, I’m not talking about personal family time. Thats why I called it an investment, you are investing 1/2 day of business or weekly progress or profits to help you run your life and business better.

It may help to have a rough training plan of what you want to learn, make sure its nicely balanced with technology, management and personal improvement. Then the internet will help you find all the great stuff.

This training day in a week is not to be confused with the reading sessions or magazines, or web surfing. Its dedicated training time, where you do follow a strict schedule and have a planned outcome. I’ll try sharing my outline soon. Might be useful for other tech solopreneurs.


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