Key takeways from Google For Mobile 2015

I was out at the Google for Mobile 2015 conference at BIEC Bangalore. This is the second year for GFM in Bangalore and I got an email to request an invitation, nevertheless I fell for it and turned out to be a great event. Very well-chosen venue, some nice product announcements and involving sessions. My personal favorite was Ronnie Screwvala’s fireside chat with Rajan Anandan. If you missed the event here are some key takeaways for the dev community.

Your faithfully with the greenbot
Key takeaways
Market overview
– India set to overtake US in number of Android developers
– Android has a lead in app downloads, whereas IOS leads in revenues from apps
– South east Asia is downloading a tons of apps but not much revenues
– US and Japan seem to lead in app revenues on Android
– Only 2% of India’s apps are in the top 1000 (making a lot of room for improvement)
– Youth drives mobile momentum
The next opportunity
The next billion users
– Average GDP of the next billion users coming online is around $13k, which demands innovative business models
– Google introduces micro transactions for Indian market at Rs.10/-
– Adopting material design has been very useful in driving up user engagement
– Material design is not necessarily implementing the entire guidelines, but whichever part really makes sense for your apps
– App indexing enables Now on Tap (in beta)
– App indexing allows google to search app content and actually influences ranking
– Google voice API are available in beta
– Deep links and signed in OTA installs are modes for app discovery
– Google dev console now has beta test features and cloud test labs
– AdWords universal campaigns are available
– App engagement is everything in the app user funnel

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