Productivity nirvana with Focus & Buffer days

We’re all running out of time, no matter what profession you are in. Being the productivity warriors we are, the density and diversity of tasks demand a systematic approach to do them all and with the required attention levels.
Entrepreneurs live in what I call “The Results Economy.” They get paid only for the results they produce – Dan Sullivan

There are many ways to solve the problem, like time slicing our way to perfection or finding complex algorithms to prioritize every task. But all of them assume that every work day is the same and we can expect the same level of attention and productivity on a given day.
 In a purely knowledge driven economy where creativity is the need of the hour, that assumption no longer holds true. In-fact the term burnout is the direct result of a mindless application of old economy methods where productivity was based on effort.

The balanced work week

Over the years in my professional life I used a simple and really effective method. I remember reading about Focus & Buffer days in The Strategic Coach long time back, even before I stepped into entrepreneurship and that works well.

In a system where we constantly prioritize there is a good chance of some tasks just staying at the bottom of the list forever. These leftovers that you want to attend to someday will eventually nag you and affect morale and productivity levels. Marking a day just for the low priority and personal tasks is a effective way to balance everything. If you are new to the concept it may sound like losing a day, but in reality as your mind and todo list gets freed up every week you will discover more energy and focus to meet your top priorities.

The Free day

Another important day in a work week is having a free day like a weekend or Sunday all for yourself and your family, no business thoughts in your mind is as important as those intensely focused  days. Imagine the satisfaction of addressing all aspects of your professional and personal life in every work week.
I’ve not found a perfect balance, nor am I living a life like a programmed robot. But every now and then I apply this concepts for a few months and I see consistent highly productive and satisfactory weeks. Use the comments to share your thoughts and ideas that work for you.

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