Two steps to start a great productive day

When you are in the race for peak productivity, the start of a day really matters. Like any race there is a start and a finish for productive days too. If you have watched athletes prepare for a sprint, they take a couple of minutes before the start of the race to set the mental state, to run through their goals and primary focus for the match. Something similar for productive days is called setting the pace. Even if you don’t follow rules like a robot, sticking to the general idea of a great start through the week will maximize your productive days.
Its tempting to check your messages and email as you stumble out of bed. I used that as a simple example of a habit that could potentially break your day, just think about what are the first few things you do in the morning.

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2016 – A peek into the horizon

Just opened up office for 2016, hoping for a glorious year and wishing all my friends and readers a great year ahead.

Opening my SOHO office translates to ‘booting up my laptop’ and jotting a few notes on whats coming up, where we need to be heading and defining a few checkpoints both personal and business. I’ve been a big Evernote user all the while and the folks have come up with a very nice month and year planner. They’re free and work inside evernote.

Whether you like paper or digital, a bit of planning ahead for the year is invaluable. Its like peering out into the horizon from your ship’s masthead, you need that once in a while to get your bearings right. Do remember to check back in a few weeks and take stock of what’s working and what needs to change.

With that, here’s my horizon study of finance and economy and how I’m planning my year ahead

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