The world is changing, if you have’nt noticed

As the year draws to a close I was contemplating on how the world is changing around me. I stumbled across this medium article which resonates with my thoughts.

There is something extraordinary happenning – Gustav (6 min read)

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Invest in yourself, when you are the only employee

It may sound great to be employee number #1 and the only one with nobody to tell you anything, on the flip side there’s nobody to tell you what to change, nobody tells you whats wrong with you, or nobody around to tell you how to meet your ambitious dreams without draining yourself.

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Book: Mojo – positive spirit towards what you do

A year ago I read half of Marshall Goldsmith’s Book – “Mojo”, and at that time I stopped reading to apply a few learnings. One year on, I can say it works. He does not preach any magic formula but discipline and awareness of what we are doing at any point of time will take us a long way. In his own words:

The simple knowledge that you’re going to evaluate any activity will alter your experience of that activity. It makes you mindful and awake. – Marshall Goldsmith

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A day in my SOHO workplace

Ever wonder what it feels like to work from home fulltime? Here’s a peek into my SOHO workday as I go about the job of running Also included are a few productivity tips for any kind of workplace.

7:15 am

Woke up at around 7:15, just in time to saygoodday to my 8-year-old as he leaves for school. After my morning wash and breakfast routine spent a few minutes meditating, Just deep breathing and thinking about what needs to be done for the day.

I believe in this thing called setting the pace for the day

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freshli – an open community list was a showcase of fine curated apps. Since everybody doesn’t get onto the charts, I felt theappcurators blog opened up more developers to showcase apps even if they can’t make it onto charts. But I still had a nagging feeling that it’s still not a level playing field for all indie developers as the curators get to pick and choose apps in both cases.

Thus was born the freshli list, an open community list of fresh and new apps that’s open to everybody.

The app curator’s blog

When I started building I was evaluating more than 3 to 4 apps a day to be included into the weekly charts. Many of them were interesting but not enough to get into the charts, So I felt a blog listing these apps is nevertheless useful for app aficionados even if they don’t get into the coveted charts.

Thus was born Today it has more than a 100 apps from many different categories. I list out apps as I evaluate them for

What am I upto? did you say!

I was building android apps a year ago when I figured that the app stores are becoming increasingly crowded and marketing budgets are routinely getting into 100s of 1000s of dollars, leaving¬† hardly any space for small indie developers. But that doesn’t seem to discourage the hordes of indie developers with interesting apps. I thought our community deserves a better chance at showcasing their work.

So I started work on app charts a showcase of hand curated apps by humans, most of them are not app store blockbusters but unbelievably nice. It’s a win-win situation for users and developers, users get to see real variety that’s hard to find on the big name app stores. The problem space is called ‘App Discovery Experience’,¬† I simply called it 36 weekly apps showcase. engine today supports discovery based on themes, special handpicked tags, and decent analytics in the backend. The engine is a PHP backend because it’s readily offered by most hosting packages and I can’t really afford top-tier ruby on rails cloud hosting, but nothing stops me to switch when there is a deluge of cash.

Oh there’s an app if you wish

Get the Briteli app on Google Play

So here we are has gradually inched into beta shape, it runs out of my balcony with a few hundred visitors everyweek (as of Aug 2015).