Two steps to start a great productive day

When you are in the race for peak productivity, the start of a day really matters. Like any race there is a start and a finish for productive days too. If you have watched athletes prepare for a sprint, they take a couple of minutes before the start of the race to set the mental state, to run through their goals and primary focus for the match. Something similar for productive days is called setting the pace. Even if you don’t follow rules like a robot, sticking to the general idea of a great start through the week will maximize your productive days.
Its tempting to check your messages and email as you stumble out of bed. I used that as a simple example of a habit that could potentially break your day, just think about what are the first few things you do in the morning.

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The making of a progress card for a bootstrapped startup

Briteli is ready for prime time.

It took 6 months, 4 iterations, 2 people, a metaphorical garage, all of which doesn’t sound like much until you add focus, energy and a spark of an idea. This potent combination has brought out the official release of Briteli today.

I woke up with a question on my mind, its been 6 months since I started Briteli and we have a major milestone today, Have I achieved what I wanted and how would you write the progress card of a bootstrapped startup with 2 people.

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Productivity nirvana with Focus & Buffer days

We’re all running out of time, no matter what profession you are in. Being the productivity warriors we are, the density and diversity of tasks demand a systematic approach to do them all and with the required attention levels.
Entrepreneurs live in what I call “The Results Economy.” They get paid only for the results they produce – Dan Sullivan

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Invest in yourself, when you are the only employee

It may sound great to be employee number #1 and the only one with nobody to tell you anything, on the flip side there’s nobody to tell you what to change, nobody tells you whats wrong with you, or nobody around to tell you how to meet your ambitious dreams without draining yourself.

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Book: Mojo – positive spirit towards what you do

A year ago I read half of Marshall Goldsmith’s Book – “Mojo”, and at that time I stopped reading to apply a few learnings. One year on, I can say it works. He does not preach any magic formula but discipline and awareness of what we are doing at any point of time will take us a long way. In his own words:

The simple knowledge that you’re going to evaluate any activity will alter your experience of that activity. It makes you mindful and awake. – Marshall Goldsmith

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