The app curator’s blog

When I started building I was evaluating more than 3 to 4 apps a day to be included into the weekly charts. Many of them were interesting but not enough to get into the charts, So I felt a blog listing these apps is nevertheless useful for app aficionados even if they don’t get into the coveted charts.

Thus was born Today it has more than a 100 apps from many different categories. I list out apps as I evaluate them for


What am I upto? did you say!

I was building android apps a year ago when I figured that the app stores are becoming increasingly crowded and marketing budgets are routinely getting into 100s of 1000s of dollars, leaving¬† hardly any space for small indie developers. But that doesn’t seem to discourage the hordes of indie developers with interesting apps. I thought our community deserves a better chance at showcasing their work.

So I started work on app charts a showcase of hand curated apps by humans, most of them are not app store blockbusters but unbelievably nice. It’s a win-win situation for users and developers, users get to see real variety that’s hard to find on the big name app stores. The problem space is called ‘App Discovery Experience’,¬† I simply called it 36 weekly apps showcase. engine today supports discovery based on themes, special handpicked tags, and decent analytics in the backend. The engine is a PHP backend because it’s readily offered by most hosting packages and I can’t really afford top-tier ruby on rails cloud hosting, but nothing stops me to switch when there is a deluge of cash.

Oh there’s an app if you wish

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So here we are has gradually inched into beta shape, it runs out of my balcony with a few hundred visitors everyweek (as of Aug 2015).